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About Shanghai

Shanghai, also named "Hu" or "Shen" in short, is situated at 31"14' north latitude and 121"29' east longitude, and in the middle of China's east coastline. It occupies a total area of 6, (of which Pudong new Area occupies, with a total resident population of 16,000,000. It has a pleasant climate, with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is around 18oC and the annual precipitation is 1,240mm.

Shanghai, an open city on the coast and a famous historical and cultural city, is a gate to the Yangtze River delta. It is a municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government, the largest economic and trade center, a comprehensive industrial base and the leading port in China.

Shanghai is well known in the world not only for its prosperous cosmopolitan feature but also for its rich humanistic resources. In recent years, a number of modem buildings have been added to the city, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Library, Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Circus City, Shanghai City-Planning Exhibition Hall and Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. They have become new scenic sights in Shanghai. Colorful festivities, like Shanghai Tourism Festival and Shanghai China International Art Festival, have attracted an increasing number of tourists from home and overseas.

Shanghai's tourist infrastructure is getting more and more accomplished. By the end of 2002, there were 40 international travel services, 524 domestic travel services and 300 star-rated hotels with about 50,000 rooms. Shanghai is an ideal "paradise for shoppers". There are commercial streets and shopping areas like the famous Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, Huaihai Road, Sichuan Bei Road, Yuyuan Commercial and Tourist Area, the Ever Bright Commercial City, Xujiahui Commercial City and Zhangyang Road Commercial City in Pudong. There, shops stand rows upon rows with large collections of beautiful commodities, meeting the needs of tourists of different levels. Shanghai is also the paradise for gourmets. There are over a thousand restaurants serving the 16 different styles of food in China, such as the Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong, Yangzhou, Fujian, etc. There are Western restaurants serving French, Russian, Italian, English, German, Japanese and Indian food and also Muslim and vegetarian food. In Shanghai, one can have a taste of all the delicacies in the world. Shanghai is well developed in communications by land, water and air. There are over 40 Chinese and foreign air companies opening about 300 air routes dispatching from Shanghai. Shanghai Railway Station dispatches everyday 80 pairs of trains back and forth from Shanghai. There are the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeways. The Pudong International Airport has opened for traffic. Its annual passenger transport volume will be 20,000,000 person/times. Plus that of the Hongqiao International Airport, it will be 30,000,000 person/times. Subways No.1 and 2 and the light-rail first phase project are in operation. Together with the 10 special tour bus lines connecting Shanghai with neighbouring tourist areas, they will render faster service and more convenience in urban communications to tourists. Recently, the magnetic buoyant train has been opened to the public. It offers travelers a zero height of flight at 430 km/hr.
The Asian largest catholic cathedral in Xu Jia Hui

On Dec. 3, 2002, Shanghai succeeded in winning the bid for the sponsorship of World Expo 2010. The world has given China a share of luck and Shanghai will add more splendor to the world Shanghai is ushering in excellent opportunities for development. People of Shanghai warmly welcome visitors from home and overseas.


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Scenic Spots

The New Bund

Located at the banks of the Huangpu River between Waibaidu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge, the New Bund has a total length of 4 kilometers. It rests against the Huangpu River on the east and a row of 52 unique buildings integrating the Oriental and Occidental architectural styles on the west, generally known as “buildings in multinational styles of architecture”, which, for over a century, has remained a symbol of Shanghai. At night when the floodlights of the buildings are switched on at the same time, the buildings look exactly like crystal palaces, which, set off by the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower on the east bank of the Huangpu River, are even more brilliant and dazzling. The New Bund is reputed to be one of the “Ten Best Scenic Spots of Shanghai”.

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Located at 2,000, Century Boulevard, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum served as the main venue for the APEC meeting in 2001. Covering a total construction area of 68,000 square meters and a total floor space of 98,000 square meters, the museum has "Nature, Man and Science and Technology" as its theme, integrating exhibition, education, scientific study and exchange, exhibits collection and production, and leisure and tourism. The museum has seven exhibition areas: the Earth's Crust, Life, Light of Wisdom, Audio-Video Paradise, Cradle of Designers, Children's Garden, and Natural Science. It also contains nearly ten thousand pieces of specimens including those of gigantic dinosaurs. Moreover, the museum also has a large 3-D screen cinema, a 360 degree circular screen cinema and a 4-D screen cinema. In addition, tourists can also pay a visit along the APEC special line to the central hall, the main conference hall, the declaration hall, the conversation room, the observation deck, etc.
Shanghai Grand Theater

Shanghai Grand Theater is located at 190, Huangpi Road (North) on the west of the People’s Square. Designed by well-known French architects, it is in concise and graceful geometrical shape as the crown-like white arc-shaped roof bending upwards towards the sky. On the top of the theater are outdoor theaters and a mid-air garden, which are in the shape of a treasure bowl,

symbolizing the broad-mindedness of Shanghai in attracting the cultural art of the world. The Grand Theater has a total floor space of 70 thousand square meters, inside which are three theaters. The lyric theater, which has 1,800 seats, is for the performance of ballets, musicals and symphonies. It consists of a main state of 728 square meters, a rear stage of 360 square meters and a left and right wings of 257 square meters respectively, all of which can be moved, lifted, sloped and rotated.

In addition, the Grand Theater is also equipped with orchestra pits that can be raised and electric setting booms. All these have made the lyric theater one of the biggest and most advanced stages in Asia and even the whole world. The drama theater, which has 600 seats, is for the performance of chamber music, and the studio theater, which has 200 seats, is for the performance of operas and song-and-dance dramas. Moreover, Shanghai Grand Theater also has 12 rehearsal halls of different sizes, gymnasiums, scene-setting rooms and make-up rooms of different kinds, banquet halls, cultural exhibition halls, and underground garages.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall Nanjing Road of Shanghai, known as “China's premier shopping street”, is flanked by hundreds of huge shopping centers, specialty stores and shops with unique Chinese characteristics and a long history. The pedestrian mall starts from Xizang Road (Middle) in the west and ends at He’nan Road (Middle) in the east. At the east and west ends of the pedestrian mall are two dark red marble screens, on which are former president Jiang Zeming’s autograph: Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall. Completed at the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, The mall gives a total new look to the hundred year old spot of Shanghai. Shanghai No. 1 Department Store (the Nanjing Road, making it another beautiful urban scenic former Daxin Company), Hualian Department Store (the former Yong’an Company), Shanghai Fashion Co., LTD. (the former ), and Shanghai No. 1 Foodstuff Store (the former Xinxin Company) are four major companies that reflect the past and present of Nanjing Road, making the road a combination of traditional and modern styles and adding a unique charm to it. Walking along this road, one will have a great sense of pleasure. The colorfully glazed floor tiles, the uniform peddler’s stands in the middle of the road, the fashionable stores flanking the street, the hustling and bustling crowd, the small, lovely sightseeing trains, the uniquely-designed city sculptures…, all these constitute a modern urban view of Shanghai.
The JinMao Building Standing at 1, Century Boulevard, the Jingmao Building faces the Bund across the Huangpu river. With a total height of 420.5 meters, it ranks third in the world and first in China. The building has a total floor space of 290 thousand square meters, with 88 floors above ground, 3 floors underground and 6 floors of side buildings. The Jingmao Building, which combines traditional and modern styles, is generally regarded as a landmark building of Shanghai, a city striving for excellence in the 21st century. The observation deck on the 88th floor at the height of 340.1 meters covers an area of 1,520 square meters and is the largest observation deck currently in China. It is luxuriously decorated with imported marble and the thickness of the marble on the wall is only 3mm. The glass wall offers a panorama of views. Standing at the deck, tourists can have a bird’s-eye-view of the urban sceneries of Shanghai and the magnificent view at the estuary of the Yangtze River. The two express elevators that escalate at 9.1 meters per second send tourists to the top of the building in only 45 seconds.
God Temple - Yuyuan Commercial City

The City God Temple in Shanghai was built during the year Yongle (after 1403) of the Ming Dynasty. In the temple were enshrined the statures of City God Qin Yubo(granted the title of city god of Shanghai County by the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty), and Huo Guang (a Han Dynasty general). During the Qing Dynasty there were many worshippers. The temple is popular among the Shanghai people. Since Shanghai was made an open port, merchants have flocked to the surrounding areas of the temple and market is prosperous; people go to the temple bazaar to buy articles for their daily lives, especially small articles of daily use. In 1991, the city government began to rebuild the temple market into a large-scaled, modernized shopping center with traditional national characteristics —the Yuyuan Shopping Market. There used to be narrow streets in the market and most of the buildings were built before 1911, the last year of the Qing Dynasty. They have the feature and style of ancient Chinese architecture. In the market little shops stand in rows with beautiful collections of merchandise of special feature, keeping the appearance of ancient town markets. It has become a must for the majority of visitors to Shanghai, Chinese and foreigner. In the market there is a collection of local snack bars. The Mid-lake Pavilion, built in 1784, is now a popular tea house in Shanghai Sitting there and enjoying a cup of tea one can admire the scenery outside from the window. It is really appealing! Here, one can get special Shanghai local commodities and foodstuff like the pear syrup candy, effective for curing coughs, reducing phlegm, soothing the throat and stimulating the appetite and the five-flavored broad beans with a curing history of 60 years, much appreciated by domestic and foreign visitors. The area for business has expanded from the former 18,000 75,000 sq.m. One can see before him in today’s Yuyuan Commercial City a group of Ming and Qing Dynasty imitation ancient building. Every building has upturned eaves and protruding corners, carved pillars and painted beams, all in national style. The new building though typical of Ming and Qing Dynasty architectural style but house modern shops inside. The “antique exterior and modern interior” is a feature that harmonizes with the original scenic sight. It has become a tourist shopping center, combining shopping, tourism, catering and recreation into one.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Located at 158, Yincheng Road (North), Pudong, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is a high-tech tourist project newly constructed in Shanghai. The Aquarium, which has a total floor space of 22.4 thousand square meters, boasts a 120-meter-long submarine sightseeing tunnel, the longest in Asia, making tourists feel as if they were in the depth of the ocean since they can see the mysterious world at the bottom of the sea and the rare and strangemarine life from different angles and directions. The Aquarium is made up of 8 major areas with 28 large-scale theme marine life exhibition areas, displaying the 300 species and ten thousand more rare fishes from all over the world. Some of them are most unique freshwater and marine life; others are rare aquatic life unique of China. All these give tourists a pleasant impression of “experiencing the wonders of the five continents at the bottom of the sea”.

Shanghai Art Museum

Shanghai Art Museum is located at 325, Nanjing Road (West), where stood the well-known Shanghai Horse Racing Arena in the 1930s. The Art Museum after renovation has a floor space of 18,000 square meters, of which the exhibition hall occupies 5,000 square meters with over 4,000 objects of value. In addition, the Art Museum also has a conference room for academic exchanges and art appreciation and an academic activity room, turning the museum into a modern art center that integrates collection and research, exhibition, aesthetic education, and art appreciation. Shanghai Art Museum, a perfect combination of the functions of classic architectural art and modern art, has become one of the landmark public and cultural facilities of Shanghai.

Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line

Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line is the world’s first high-speed maglev train put into commercial use. It is also China’s first maglev line that integrates urban traffic, sightseeing and tourism. The line starts at the south of the Longyang Station of Shanghai Subway Line 2 and runs eastward to the Pudong International Airport, covering a length of 29.863 kilometers. Together with the walking line at the maintenance base and the maintenance line, the demonstration line covers a total length of 31.17 kilometers. The train, which consists of 9 compartments, is capable of carrying 959 passengers once. The designed speed and actual speed of the train are 505 and 430 kilometers per hour respectively and it takes the passengers only 7 minutes to reach downtown Shanghai from the Pudong International Airport.

Yinqixing Indoor Skiing

Yinqixing Indoor Skiing Site is located at 1835, Qixin Road. It is China’s first super-big indoor skiing site with an investment of RMB 300 million yuan constructed by Shanghai Dashun Hokkaido Skating Co., Ltd, a Sino-Japanese joint venture. The skiing site covers an area of 100.8 thousand square meters and the ski track is 380 meters in length and 80 meters in width. The highest point of the ski track is 42 meters above ground, equivalent to a 14-story building. The skiing site, currently ranking first in scale in the world, has introduced in the latest Japanese snow machines and ski kits and has entrusted a first-rate Japanese administrative company for its management. Every day there will be several hours of artificial snowfall and the snow will be as deep as 50cm; the temperature of the skiing site is always maintained at 0-5 centigrade. The ski track consists of three sections and tourists will be carried to the top of the track by an automatic lift. At the end of the ski track is a platform for exercise, which is 7,200 square meters. The skiing site provides the tourists with complete sets of ski gears and ski kits and the tourists can choose different types of skis and skibobs according to their interests. The skiing site is equipped with dozens of coaches and lifeguards, who will provide guidance to tourists at the first time possible. In addition, it has a 30,000-square-meter supplementary entertaining area that offers indoor hot spring swimming pools, sauna, Chinese and Western restaurants, film and television halls, dancing balls, VIP lounges, and franchised stores selling Japanese goods. The observation hall at the second floor is an ideal place for tourists to watch indoor skiing performance. The fourth floor is a deluxe club.

The Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower

Standing at 1, Renmin Avenue, the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower is 468 meters in height, ranking first in Asia and third in the world. It consists of three gigantic columns 9 meters in diameter, a spherical penthouse, an upper sphere, a lower sphere, five smaller spheres, the pedestal and the square. Together with Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, it looks like two dragons playing with a ball, turning itself into a symbol of the reform and opening-up of Shanghai. The designers, inspired by rich imagination, arranges the 11 spheres of different sizes from high in the blue sky down to a carpet of green lawns, while the two huge dazzling ruby-like spheres are integrated with the two earth-shaped spheres of Shanghai International Convention Center, forming a poetic picture of “pearls, big and small, falling down into a jade plate”, magnificent and beautiful. Shanghai Urban Historical Development Gallery at the hall in the first floor is a museum devoting to an introduction of the development history of Shanghai in the previous century. The precious historical relics, documents, pictures, and the advanced film and television and stereo facilities vividly reflect the history of Shanghai urban development in the modern times. The exhibition in the gallery fully displays the profound political, economic, cultural, and social changes of Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower is a vivid human landscape.

Shanghai Museum

Located at 201, Renmin Avenue, on the south of the People’s Square in the center of the city, Shanghai Museum matches in fame Beijing Museum, Nanjing Museum, and Xi’an Museum, generally known as the four major museums in China. It is a traditional style structure with vault ceiling and square base, with the implication of “round heaven and square earth”, a traditional concept of the ancient Chinese. The museum looks like a bronze ware from the distance. It has an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters in four floors, the first floor being the Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery and the Ancient Chinese Sculpture Gallery, the second floor the Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery, the third floor the Chinese Calligraphy Gallery, Chinese Painting Gallery, and Chinese Seal Gallery, and the fourth floor the Ancient Chinese Jade Gallery, Chinese Coin Gallery, Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery, Chinese Minority Nationalities' Art Gallery. Currently, the museum has a collection of 120 thousand pieces of precious and rare works of art.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Zhujiajiao is an ancient town located at the bank of the Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District. The town, with a history of over 1,000 years, is the most well reserved ancient town in Shanghai and has been known as “Venice of Shanghai” for its simple but attractive appearance typical of towns in the south part of China. In 1991, it was designated by the State Council as the “Well-Known Chinese Cultural Town”. The ancient town is simple and tranquil, refined and elegant. Walking along the zigzag flagging or wondering among the narrow streets and lanes flanked with shops and stores, tourists feel as if they were in a simple but fresh wash painting: small bridges above giggling water, residence of the Ming and Qing styles, small dark-awning boats lying at anchor, sweeping willows swaying along riverbanks, and stone bridge spanning the Dianpu River like a beautiful rainbow. Inside the town are rivers and bridges, giving tourists a sense of the ancient time. The Fangsheng Bridge, constructed in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, is the biggest joint five-arch stone bridge in Shanghai. It is 70.8 meters in length and 5.8 meters in width. Exquisite in structure and beautiful in shape, it is the first of the ten scenic spots of Zhujiajiao.

The Exhibition Greenhouse of Shanghai Botanical Garden

The Exhibition Greenhouse of Shanghai Botanical Garden, located in Shanghai Botanical Garden at 1111, Longwu Road, is a newly developed modern botanical greenhouse. It consists of two smaller greenhouses, one for tropical plants and the other for sand plants, the former focusing on the themes of gardens in which flowers of all seasons are displayed and tropical rain forests, producing a vivid tropical view with flowers competing for beauty, the latter, on the other hand, being a collection of the world’s strangely-shaped cactuses and rare succulent plants, vividly displaying the views of tropical plains, which, set off by deserts, camels, and the setting sun, makes people feel as if they were walking in a desert. Tourists can fully feel the mystery and changes of the world of plants. The Exhibition Greenhouse not only provides tourists with guiding services, but also with rooms for science popularization, thus enabling the tourists to acquire knowledge about relevant plants while experiencing the beautiful views.

Shanghai Circus World

Located at 2266, New Gonghe Road, Shanghai Circus World is acclaimed to be “China’s No 1 Circus World”. Unique in architectural shape and with a golden dome-like roof, it is another landmark building of Shanghai, an international cultural metropolis. It has the acrobatic field as the main building, rehearsal auxiliary building, animal room and commercial cultural city as necessary installations. The acrobatic field, which has a total of 1, 638 seats, is equipped with modern lighting installations and surrounding sound. The revolving stage, elevating stage, picture-frame stage and suspension bars are set up at the performance area. With the three-ring horse-path in the air, an acrobatic performance place of integrated facilities and complete functions is constructed. Stereoscopic large-scale performance can be given simultaneously in upper air, midair and on the ground. It can be used not only for acrobatic and circus performance but also for multiple music and dance performance. Domestic and international excellent circus and acrobatics performances will be presented in Shanghai Circus World in turn.

Century Park

Located at the east end of Century Boulevard, the Century Park is the largest ecological urban park currently in Shanghai. Designed by British LUC, it covers an area of 140.3 hectares and is a modern Chinese garden that embodies the integration of between Oriental and Occidental cultures and between man and nature. The park mainly consists of large lawns, forests, and lakes, with such scenic areas as the Central Lake Island, the Huiwu Square, the Rural Garden, the International Garden, and the Thin Forest Lawn. Inside the park are facilities for bird protection, experiencing scientific advances, scientific experiments, and children’s amusements. Tourists can fish, fly kites and have picnic here and get the maximum degree of enjoyment.

the People’s Square

Located at the center of Shanghai, the People’s Square is a garden-like square that integrates administration, culture, transportation, and commerce. To the north of the square is Shanghai People’s Government, to the northwest is Shanghai Grand Theatre, to the northeast is Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, and to the south is Shanghai Museum. Renmin Avenue, which runs in the middle of the square, has a 17-meter-wide green belt on both sides. The total area of greening of the People’s Square reaches 80 thousand square meters, turning the square into an oasis in the center of Shanghai.

The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

Connecting the north side of Chen Yi Square at the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower at Pudong, the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel has a total length of 646.7 meter and is China’s first cross-river artificial sightseeing tunnel. Modern high technologies are applied in the decoration of the interior walls of the tunnel, providing the passengers with background music as well as pictures, patterns and views about people, history, culture, science and technology and natural scenery. The environment-friendly non-driver traction compartments, the whole transparent compartments, and the six-sound-track and high-fidelity stereo system match the changes of the views, making tourists feel as if they were right at the scene The completion of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel not only makes the tunnel itself a new tourist spot of Shanghai, but turns it into a rainbow that bridges both sides of the Huangpu River in the urban tourism of Shanghai due to its advantageous geographical location.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Located at Sanzao Town in Nanhui District, Shanghai Wild Animal Park covers an area of 153 hectares and is one of China’s biggest state-level wild animal parks. In the park are over 200 representative species of rare animals typical of the various regions in the world and the number of animals in the park exceeds ten thousand. Of all the animals some are from other countries like giraffes, zebras, antelopes and rhinoceroses, others are animals in China under first-class protection like giant pandas, golden monkeys, south-China tigers, and Asian elephants. The park is divided into two parts: bus area and walk area. In the park are the herbivore zone, the carnivore zone, the flamingo zone, the free zone, the aquatic bird lake, the rare animal park, the birds zone, the butterfly zone and the per animal park. In addition, the park also offers such unique programs as animal performance, showing the wit of animals and their gift in performing. Here tourists will be able to experience the pleasure brought about by animals.

Shanghai Sheshan National Holiday Resort

Shanghai Sheshan National Holiday Resort is located at the northwest of Songjiang District. 30 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai. From northeast to southwest lie 12 mountains ranging 13 kilometers and covering an area of 401 hectares. They are the Beigan Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, Yuping Mountain, Kugong Mountain, East Sheshan Mountain, West Sheshan Mountain, Chenshan Mountain, Zhongjia Mountain, Tianma Mountain, Xiaoji Mountain, Hengyun Mountain, and Xiaokun Mountain. In China, “nine” is considered as the biggest digit and since Songjiang District is also known as Yunjian, the mountains are called in short “Nine Peaks of Yunjian”. Since in history, Sheshan Mountain has been the most famous, the mountains are called in general the Sheshan Mountain area, which has a long history in religion and with a splendid culture. This area is the place where Catholicism, Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism and Taoism can be found. For over a century, it has been the sacred place of the Catholicism in Southeast Asia. The West Sheshan Mountain is where Sheshan Catholic Church, the biggest church in the Far East, and Sheshan Astronomical Observatory, China’s first astronomical observatory, are situated. The East Sheshan Mountain National Forest Park, which boasts beautiful mountains, luxurious forests and ample plants and animals, is the most beautiful of all the peaks. The Foxiang Spring, Xixin Spring, Sanleng Spring, and Meigong Angling Projecting Rock add luster and beauty to each other; the Wooden Fish Stone, Qilongyan Stele, Qilong Ancient Path, Songyue Terrace, and Moon Shadow Tower set off each other; the Huanglong Cave, Immortal Cave, Three-Phrase Artificial Waterfall, Dragon Pond, Dishui Guanyin are new scenic spots that give tourists a pleasant impression; the unique Lansun Villa and Forest Bathing Pool provide tranquil and comfortable places for tourists to spend their holidays in leisure. Between the East and West Sheshan Mountains stands a Catholic tower constructed in the North Song Dynasty, which is made of brick and wood and has seven floors and eight angles, looking beautiful and elegant. A mid-air cable is constructed between the two mountains, which enable the tourists to have a hearty appreciation of the sceneries of the Sheshan Mountain.

Xin Tian Di

As a re-creation born out of the sprawls of Shikumen housing, which is the architectural symbol of Shanghai in the 20th century, Shanghai Xintiandi is an urban tourist attraction imbued with the city's historical and cultural legacies. Shanghai Xintiandi's Shikumen attraction was created by converting residential blocks into a multifunctional dining, retail and entertainment center flowing with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and bars of an international standard. The Shikumen buildings within Shanghai Xintiandi retain the antique walls, tiles and exterior of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai, while the internal spaces have been designed and decorated to suit the up tempo lifestyle of the 21st century urbanites, with infinite details that exude the casual elegance of modern city living. Shanghai Xintiandi is where "yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today.”

Cultural Celebrities’ Street

Duolun Road is the cultural celebrities’ street in Shanghai, where such Chinese literary giants as Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruo and Ye Shengtao and such leftist writers as Ding Ling and Rou Shi once lived and wrote. On 2nd, March 1930, the Chinese Leftist Literary Association, a revolutionary literary organization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, was founded here. Today, the Doulun Road after renovation has turned into a cultural street featuring old-style buildings, residences and memorial halls of cultural celebrities, and non-governmental collection galleries.

Leisure Street at Hengshan Road

The Leisure Street at Hengshan Road was first constructed in 1922. In the 1920s and 1930s there had been many buildings of European architectural styles. At present, Hengshan Road is flanked by luxurious parasol trees and dozens of entertainment sites, making the road a well-known entertainment and leisure street in Shanghai.

Leisure Street at Wujiang Road

The Leisure and Entertainment Street at Wujiang Road is the only stereo leisure street in Shanghai that segregates pedestrians and vehicles and has a two-layer walking street. In recent years, the street, after renovation, has turned into a fashionable food street. Along the street are uniquely-shaped mobile stores and movable flowerbed and trees. The street is an integration of subway traffic, shopping and leisure, tourism and sightseeing, and square culture. It is a unique leisure street that attracts the attention of the people of Shanghai.

The Grand View Garden Area of Shanghai

Located at 701, Qing-Shang Expressway on the east bank of the Dianshan Lake, The Grand View Garden Area of Shanghai is both a large classic architectural complex and a modern garden. It consists of the east and west scenic areas. The east scenic area has the Shanghai folk cultural village, the plum garden, and the osmanthus garden as its main scenic spots. The east scenic area is modeled on A Dream of Read Mansion, a Chinese classic novel by Cao Xueqin in the Qing Dynasty. It is a large classic architectural complex constructed using the traditional Chinese gardening art. It covers an area of 9 hectares, of which the classic buildings occupy 8,000 square meters, including 20 architectural complexes like Daguanlou (Grand View Tower), Yihongyuan (Cheerful Red Court), Xiaoxiangguan (Bamboo Lodge), Hengwuyuan (Lush Grass Court). The chambers in the garden are luxuriously and elegantly decorated; ancient and well-known trees are set off by red columns and colorful walls, giving tourists a sense of the grand royal garden and the graceful garden in southern China. Every plant in the garden fully embodies the fine mood depicted in A Dream of Red Mansions. In the east of the grand view garden is a piece of land of 100 hectares, on which are planted 340,000 trees. In addition, there are also some other scenic spots here like “Plums at the Hollow Bringing a Strong Sense of Spring”, “Willows on Riverbanks Signaling the Advent of Spring”, “Golden Snow and Lingering Fragrance”, “Flowers Competing for Beauty”, of which “Plums at the Hollow Bringing a Strong Sense of Spring” is the best place in Shanghai to appreciate plum flowers.

Tour Bus Center

Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center is a self-aid Tourist Center Specially set up by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administrative Commission for the Cenvenience of Making Tours by Individual Chinese and Foreign Tourist. It was listed as One of Shanghai Government's Planned Projects in 1998.

The Center mainly offers self-aid tours and Supplies different kinds of package tour tickets. The package tickets include the bus tickets forth and back from the center and entrance tickets to tourist scenic spots. It can also arrange accommodation for tourists in some tourist areas. The center provides guides on the buses to introduce the scenic spots to tourists.

Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center offers over 108 tour routes, dispatching over 400 buses and a tourist volume of over 5000 persons every day. The bus lines connect Shanghai with the various major tourist attractions in Shanghai suburbs and its neighboring cities. These are bus lines to such well-preserved ancient river towns like Zhou Zhuang, Wuzhen, Xitang, Tongli, known for their "stone-paved streets built along the rivers spanned by numerous bridges, lined with old-fashioned dwellings, and deep and quiet alleyways." There, tourists may experience the Jiangnan culture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are also sightseeing bus lines to properous commercial centers where are found commodities and specialties from different places in the country and to gardens with beautiful, natural landscape, where tourists may breathe the fresh air of a modern metropolis. You can get the tickets in Maya Audio & Video Store and Lianhua Supermarket Informaion Tel: 021-64265555


  • Vegetarian
    • Gongdelin, 445 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tel: 63270218 The famous vegetarian restaurant.
    • Jue Lin Shu Shi Chu, 250 Jinling Dong Lu, Tel: 63260115 Good appetizers, with "mock" everything.
  • Sichuan
    • Fu Rong Zhen, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 400 Panyu Lu, Tel: 62808888 Spicy, spicy food at decent prices.
    • Sichuan Court, Hilton Shanghai, 250 Huashan Lu, Tel: 62480000 Sky-high eatery with great views.
    • Sichuan Restaurant, 739 Dingxi Lu, Tel: 62810449 Pleasant atmosphere, good food.
    • Tony, 180 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Lu, Pudong, Tel: 68875028 By the Jin Mao, with bilingual menu.
    • Xin Chongqing, 98 Puhui Tang Lu, Xujiahui, Tel: 64286236 Feel the burn.
  • Shanghainese
    • Bai's Restaurant, Lane 189, No. 12, Wanping Lu, Tel: 64376915 Great if greasy Shanghainese.
    • Baoluo, 271 Fu Min Lu, Tel: 62792827 Excellent, cheap seafood; 24-hour eatery.
    • The Gap Salon, 127 Maoming Nan Lu, Tel: 64339028; 8 Zunyi Lu, Tel: 62782900; 1039 Nanjing Xi Lu (4/F, Westgate Mall), Tel: 62186868; 960 Chaoxi Bei Lu, Tel: 64813249; 8 Hengshan Lu, Tel: 64734828. Hong Mei Lu Huge, with complete KTV.
    • The Grape, 55 Xinle Lu, Tel: 64720486; 2600 Yanan Xi Lu, Tel: 62952518 The classic expat haven.
    • Henry, 8 Xinle Lu, Tel: 64733448 Stylish, as ever.
    • Hong Yun Lou, 2/F, 567 Zhao Jia Bang Lu, Tel: 6443 5305 Less oil? Sign us up. Theater/bar downstairs. 11-2, 5-9pm.
    • Jade Garden, 388 Zhao Jia Bang Lu, Tel: 6415 9918 Great food, great decor.
    • Jesse's, 41 Tianping Lu, Tel: 62829260 Cozy two-decker expat favorite.
    • La Yefe, 1030 Liyuan Lu, Tel: 63054822 By artist Chen Yifei.
    • Lulu, 66 Lujiazui Lu, Tel: 58826679; Lane 88, 1 Shuicheng Nan Lu, Tel: 62706679 Hip place for young Chinese.
    • Xi Jia Hua Yuan, 1 Dongping Lu, Tel: 64729041; 2/F Crowne Plaza Shanghai, 400 Fanyu Lu, Tel: 62801593; 889 Julu Lu, Tel: 64661246. The "greatest hits" of Shanghainese.
    • Yang's Kitchen, Alley No. 9, 3 Hengshan Lu, Tel: 64313028. Good home cooking here.
    • 1221, 1221 Yanan Xi Lu, Tel: 62136585, 62132441 All-around-chic.
    • 30s, 134 Nanyang Lu (behind the Portman), Tel: 62562265 Decent, affordable cuisine.
  • Middle Eastern
    • Ai Li, 57 Zhejiang Lu, Tel: 63520184; 750 Quyang Lu In the Uighur part of town.
    • Aini Bayi Restaurant, 2311 Yanan Xi Lu, Tel: 62787828 Inexpensive and yummy.
    • Ali Baba's Doner Kebab, Shop 57, Building 5, 17 Yin Cheng Xi Lu, Pudong, Tel: 50541411 Cheap and tasty Turkish.
    • Ali YY, 9B Dongping Lu, Tel: 64159448 Xinjiang downstairs, pricey Middle Eastern up (dinner only).
    • Istanbul Restaurant, 900 Huaihai Lu, Tel: 64744791 When's the opening?
    • Tian Shan Uighur Restaurant, 775 Quyang Lu, Tel: 65554245, BP: 3295588-26589 Straight-up tasty.
    • Tong Guang Niu Yang, 373 Wuyi Lu, Tel: 62529772 Decent fare.
  • Singaporean
    • Frankie's, 118 Changde Lu, Tel: 62470886 Inexpensive and yummy.
    • Jia Jia Le, Hong Da Building, 2550 Hongqiao Lu, Tel: 62684018 Next to the Hongqiao airport.
    • Singapore Thai Village Sharksfin,2fl, 660 Xinhua Lu, Tel: 62828028 Crave shark? Head on down.
    • Arirang, 28 Jiangsu Bei Lu, Tel: 62527146; 2890 Hongqiao Lu, Tel: 62625777 Good noodle and rice dishes.
    • Gao Li Korean Restaurant, Lane 181, Wuyuan Lu, No. 1, Tel: 64315236 Good cheap food until 2 am.
    • Itoen, 35 Loushanguan Lu, Tel: 62706317
    • Seoul Restaurant, 2000 Yanan Lu, Tel: 62753388
  • Japanese
    • Ajisai, 161 Changle Lu, Tel: 64151188 ex 80304 High-end. 11:30-2, 5:30-10.
    • Da Jiang Hu, 30 Donghu Lu, Tel: 64673332 Stuff yourself for RMB200. 5:30-11pm.
    • Fortune City Diner, 889 Changning Lu (at Changning Equatorial Service Apartments), Tel: 6210 8018 Best new Japanese place. 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-9:30pm.
    • Itoya, 24 Ruijin Er Lu, Tel: 62192286; Longhua Xidao, Lane 19, No. 6, Tel: 64730758; 400 Changle Lu, 2/F, Tel: 64662929; 3/F, Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu Great sushi, a classic favorite
    • Jurassic - World of Teppanyaki, 8 Maoming Nan Lu, Tel: 62534627, 62583758 Gluttony. Sun-Th 5:30pm-1am, F-S 5:30pm-2am.
    • Kobachi, Grand Hyatt, Jin Mao Building, 2 Shiji Dadao, Pudong, Tel: 58303338, 50491234
    • Kanetanaka, 57 Maoming Lu, Tel: 62587882
    • Luna, 228 Honggu Lu, Tel 62787700 Traditional. 11am-2:30pm, 5-midn.
    • Sakura, Matsushita Amenity Gardens, 1/F, 200 Lingyibei Lu off Pujian Lu, Tel: 58734052 Perfect miso, extensive selection.
    • Suntory, Senmao Building, Pudong, Tel: 68413301 Zen, great view of the Huangpu.
    • Shintori, 288 Wulumuqi Nan Lu, Tel: 6467 1188 Sublime. 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-1am.
    • Shogun, 550 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Tel: 63275566, Ext. 6509 Japanese and Korean - dinner only.
    • Sumo Sushi, 29 Dongping Lu, Tel: 64669419; 688 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Tel: 53069136; 106 Tianyaoqiao Lu, Tel: 64391767, 4/F, 479 Nanjing Dong Lu, Tel: 6352 0090; 398 Huaihai Lu, Tel: 53833298 THE budget sushi place. 11am-11:30pm.
    • Taiyro, 229 Wulumuqi Lu, Tel: 64713003 RMB 148 all-you-can-eat.
    • Wuninosachi, 402 Shaanxi Nan Lu, Tel 64453406 RMB 180 all-you-can-eat. 5:30pm-late.
    • Yamazoto, Garden Hotel, 58 Mao Ming Nan Lu, Tel: 64151111 Outrageously priced but divine.
    • Yinawake,105 Nanchang Lu, Tel: 63587412 Just east of Park 97.
  • Indian
    • Hazara, Ruijin Guesthouse, 118 Ruijin Er Lu, Building No. 4, Tel: 64664328 Under a tent. Sun-Th 5:30-10:30pm, F-S 5:30-11pm.
    • Kaveen's Kitchen, 2/F, 231 Huashan Lu, Tel: 62482777 New menu coming. Cheap, small. Tues. RMB 78 buffet 5:30-10. 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-1am.
    • Punjabi, Peace Square, 18 Shuicheng Lu, Tel: 62878626 New, good, cheapish food, but staff can’t give directions.
    • The Tandoor, 59 Maoming Nan Lu, Tel: 62582582, Ext. 9301, 64725494 Unparalleled. Folk dancers 6:30-10:30pm. 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-10pm.
  • Hotpot
    • Golden Time Hot Pot, 165 Mao Ming Lu, Tel: 64723877 Prime location, but why close at 10pm?
    • Lai Lai Hot Pot, 2311 Yanan Xi Lu, Tel: 62787828 Affordable, clean and yummy.
    • Mao Ming Lu Hot Pot Place, 178 Mao Ming Nan Lu, Tel: 64737186 Next to Judy's Too: good 24-hour place.
    • Tianfu Zhi Guo, 1164 Huashan Lu, Tel: 62524862 Absolutely first-rate.
    • Tian Tian Wang, 975 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Tel: 64157559; 19 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tel: 63751590; 2118 Sichuan Bei Lu, Tel: 56713011; 340 Damuqiao Lu, Tel: 64172261; 1717 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tel: 62497202. Three-story behemoth.
  • German
    • Paulaner Brauhaus, 150 Fenyang Lu, Tel: 64745700 Huge, loud. Beer garden open Th-Sat 5pm-on. Sat. teatime 1pm-on. M-Sat 5pm-2am, Sun 11am-4pm, 5pm-2am.
    • Landhaus, 5A Dongping Lu, Tel: 64737296 Porch and garden. M-F 11am-2am, S-S 11am-4pm.
    • Sassoon Park Restaurant, Cypress Hotel, 2419 Hong Qiao Lu, Tel: 62688868 Garden view, piano to boot.
  • French
    • Ashanti Dome, 16 Gaolan Lu, Tel: 53061230, 53066777 Beautiful, eclectic. 6:30-11pm, lunch on request.
    • C'est la Vie, 207 Maoming Lu, Tel: 64159567 Cozy, stylish. RMB 138 set menu.
    • Le Bouchon, 1455 Wuding Xi Lu, Tel: 62257088 Charming bistro. Terrace with BBQ open for lunch, too. 6:30pm-late.
    • Maxim's, The Grand Theater, 190 Huangpi Bei Lu, Tel: 63868686, Ext. 2132 Pierre Cardin's baby. 11am-11pm.
    • The Peace Grill, 8/F Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Lu at the Bund, Tel: 63218888 Nice atmosphere.
  • American
    • Bourbon Street, 191 Hengshan Lu, Tel: 64457556 Rowdy. M-F 4pm-midn, S-S 11am-2pm, 4pm-midn.
    • The Dome Diner, 5/F, Grand Gateway Plaza, 1 Hongqiao Lu, Tel: 64079456 ex. 118 '50s theme, "Asian Delights" menu. 11am-10pm.
    • Hard Rock Cafe, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tel: 62798133 11:30am-10:30pm, music til 2am.
    • Kathleen's, 207 Maoming Lu, Tel: 64456634 Watch the street party. M-F 11am-midn, S-S 11am-3am.
    • Malone's American Cafe, 255 Tongren Lu, Tel: 62472400 Rehauling. Sun-Th 11:30am-1am, F-S 11:30am-2am
    • The Patio Pub, 2123 Pudong Ave, Tel: 68539213 Pudong gets a hangout! 11-2am, S-S 9-2am.
    • Pattaya BBQ, 268 Xinzhen Lu (close to Dino Beach), Tel: 64783458 Best BBQ in town.
    • Pizza Factory, 222 Huaihai Lu, Tel: 53966631 Calzones, too. 10am-10pm.
    • Planet Shanghai, 1066 Huaihai Lu, 1/F, Tel: 54030395 Ever so popular. 10:30am-2am.
    • T.G.I. Friday's, The Promenade, 4 Hengshan Lu, Tel: 64734602; 64739362 Burgers and fries. 11am-midn.
    • Tony Roma's Famous For Ribs, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tel: 62797129 The "rib" chain. 11am-11pm.

Stores and Shopping

Stores are usually open from 8:00 or 8:30 to 20:00 or 20:30. In some stores some salespeople can speak English. Foreign currency conversion service is available in most shopping centers and stores catered to foreign visitors. Stores designated by the Chinese tourist authorities are reliable places where prices match the quality of goods on sale.

Since the first half of the 20th century, Shanghai has developed into China's largest commercial city. The city has developed domestic and foreign trade and better communications facilities. Numerous shops in the city sell local, special and famous products from other parts of the country or foreign countries. In the past several decades, shops in Shanghai have been famous for their long history and better quality, wide variety, different styles and colors of their products at home and abroad. Shops are in every corner of the city, especially those on Nanjing, Huaihai, Sichuan, Jinling roads and Yuyuan and Xujiahui commercial cities are very famous. All of them have wide variety of goods and customers can buy high-quality fashion clothes in the world and also the famous and special products from other parts of the country in large bazaars or markets.

Yuyuan Tourist Trade City Yuyuan Tourist Trade City is next to Yuyuan Garden and Town God's Temple and is famous for small commodities. The garden-like buildings in this city are of the Ming and Qing dynasties in the southern area of the Yangtze River. They have flying upturned eaves and carved beams and painted columns, demonstrating a strong local flavor. It is a center of shopping, tourism, cultural sites, food and amusement.

First Department Store and Its New Building Built On October 20, 1949, this department store covers an area of 120,000 square meters and has more than 1,000 counters. It deals 40,000 kinds of goods of 60 categories. It is the largest store which receives the largest number of customers and registers the highest business volume in the country. It leads its counterparts in the country. In the second half of 1997, its new building was constructed to its east end.

Parkson Shopping Center At the juncture of Huaihai Road and Shaanxi S. Road, Parkson Shopping Center is run by the Parkson Group from Malaysia. The Italian cafe room, McDonald's and snacks of Southeast Asian flavor are good for customers to enjoy after shopping. Chaojiangchun Restaurant on the seventh floor and Golden Times Night Club on the eighth floor are famous in Shanghai.

Xujiahui Commercial City In southwest Shanghai, this city has Xujiahui Square as its center and covers an area of 1.2 square kilometers. The city includes Oriental Trade Mansion, Pacific Department Store, Huijin Department Store, Sixth Department Store, Zhongxing Department Store, Huilian Trade Mansion, Bailaohui, Xinluda Department Store.

International Shopping Center This center occupies a floor space of 40,000 square meters and is a place for shopping, food, amusement and office work. It has a unique layout and has paths among streets, small stores in big shops and small gardens among big ones. Some companies have their shops here such as Huating Istan Co., Blue Belt International Amusement Co. Ltd. and Fragrant Isle Gourmet Square Co. Ltd.

Women's Article Shop Shanghai Women's Article Shop is the first of its kind in the country and has a special counter of clothes of middle-aged women. This shop deals famous, new and special commodities and high-grade commodities from other parts of the country or imported from other countries.

Shanghai First Food Store It is developed from Xinxin Co. and got the present name in 1956. It is the largest comprehensive food store in the city and sells fresh and dried food from other parts of the country or imported from other countries.

Hualian Trade Mansion Hualian Trade Mansion was rebuilt from Yong'an Co. in 1987. It has become one of the modern department stores in the city. It has been ranked as one of the first three best department stores in terms of sales in the country for several years in a row.

Paris Spring Department Store Co. This building demonstrates a mixture of French and classical architecture and a modern style, selling clothes of the top international brands.

New World Ltd., Co. On Nanjing W. Road, this company is the largest modern trade mansion in Puxi Area and deals general merchandise and medium- and highgrade commodities.

Cultural Street on Fuzhou Road Fuzhou Road is famous as a cultural street for 100-year-old bookstores and stationery shops. Today it still boasts more than 30 bookstores such as Chinese Science and Technology Bookstore and Foreign Language Bookstore.

Shopping Street on Huaihai Road Huaihai Road is as famous as Nanjing Road for its tourist and shopping street. This street boasts some 400 stores and shops. The exterior appearance and interior layout of buildings demonstrate a strong cultural flavor of a city, selling exquisite goods in the world.

Clothing Street on Huating Road This street is famous for its private stands for selling clothes and small decorations. It leads the fashion trends of the city.

Pedestrian-Only Nanjing Road Nanjing Road is famous as the first shopping street in China and the busiest shopping center in Shanghai. It boasts more than 600 shops including old shops, famous shops and shops with distinctive features. The Pedestrian-Only Nanjing Road has become the largest round the clock shopping center in the city, in the country and even in Asia.

Flower and Bird Market on Jiangyin Road The largest of its kind in the city, the market is 200 meters long and boasts 100 stands. It is a good place for local people to appreciate flowers, birds, worms and plants in their holidays.

Curio Street on Dongtai Road This street is a handicraft market with special features and deals mainly the classic handicrafts including ceramics, jade, bronze and wood articles, paintings, calligraphic works, writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink slabs and others. This market has got its name at home and abroad.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Arts and Crafts Trading Mansion, 190 Nanjing W. Rd., Tel:63276530
  • Jingdezhen Art Ceramics Co., 1185 Nanjing W. Rd., Tel:62530885
  • Cultural Relics Shop, 192-240 Guangdong Rd., Tel:63212864
  • Duoyunxum Arts Studio, 422 Nanjing E. Rd., Tel:63510063
  • Shanghai Friendship Store, 40 Beijing E. Rd., Tel:53080600
  • Foreign Language Books Co., 390 Fuzhou Rd., Tel:63223200
  • Music Bookstore, 365 Tibet M. Rd., Tel:63223213
  • Old Zhou Hucheng Writing Brush Shop, 179 Henan M. Rd., Tel:63297959
  • Old Jiefu Woolen & Silk Fabrics Shop, 257 Nanjing E. Rd., Tel:63213221
  • Hongxiang Fashion Co., 725 Nanjing W. Rd., Tel:62178590
  • Paramont Western Suit Co., 257 Nanjing E. Rd., Tel:63226611
  • Hengsheng Western Suit Co., 1135 Nanjing W. Rd., Tel:62728864
  • Lady Clothing Shop on Peng Street, 154 Nanjing E. Rd., Tel:63234316
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