Preliminary program is scheduled to be available on November 15, 2023.

Short Courses – March 6, 2024

SC #Room Time Short Course TitleInstructor Names
SC-A1 Calloway A9am-noonMachine Learning for Clinical Trials and Humanized AI for Future Healthcare and BeyondMark Chang
SC-A2Calloway B9am-noonDose Optimization: Where the Rubber Meets the RoadYing Yuan
SC-A3Poe A9am-noonDo you speak statistics? – how do you work as a statistician in a cross-functional team?Achim Guettner, Julie Jones
SC-A4Poe B9am-noonTargeted Learning for generating reliable real-world evidenceMark van der Laan, Susan Gruber
SC-P1Calloway A1-4pmStatistical Considerations for Early-to-Late Transition in Oncology Drug DevelopmentCong Chen
SC-P2Calloway B1-4pmCausal Inference in Randomized Controlled TrialsDong Xi, Robin Dunn, Tianmeng Lyu
SC-P3Poe A1-4pmNext-generation digital N-of-1 trialsStefan Konigorski
SC-P4Poe B1-4pmRWE in Drug Development and Regulatory ScienceHana Lee, Jie Chen